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Admin, Monday, January 24, 2022
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Genshin Impact Mobile is a free-to-play online game, with more than 10 Million downloads on the play store. It is an action RPG game developed by a Chinese developer, miHoYo. The game was first released in September 2020 for Play station, Android, and iOS.

This game is based on anime style, open-world where the player can use magic and easily switch characters during the fighting. The PlayStation 5 version of this game was released in August 2021. This game has received a lot of praise for its HD graphic and beautiful sceneries. At the same time, some criticized its simplistic endgame and monetization model.

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What is Genshin Impact Mobile?

The story of Genshin Impact is based on two twin travelers who have traveled across countless worlds before landing on the fantasy world of Teyvat, home to seven distinct nations; each nation has its power element and is ruled by a different God or Magician. The twin traveler got separated in this world because of a God, who somehow managed to trap one of the siblings in her magical world. The brother starts a hunt to find his sister, and he finds a companion in the middle of the search whose name is Paimon. During the search, the traveler got himself involved in the affairs of Teyvat.

Genshin Impact is an action RPG with one of the best features of switching characters during a fight. So, it is easy for a player to act according to and use the power of each character in sequence to defeat his enemies. Players can customize a character according to its skills and weapons. Their strength can be increased by increasing their level and improving artifacts. Players can unlock various rewards by completing challenges. The players can perform actions such as running, climbing, swimming, and gliding using stamina.

There are different evil bosses Scattered across Teyvat and challenges that reward valuable resources, such as Storm terror and the Electro Hypostasis, but claiming them uses up a currency called resin, which slowly regenerates over time. By completing these challenges, the adventure rank of a player increases over time which in turn unlocks new missions and challenges and raises the World Level. And with the increase in world level, the strength of enemies and bosses also increases, making this game more exciting and challenging.

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Top Features of Genshin Impact:


Genshin Impact has a lot of beauty hidden across the maps, and players can climb any mountain, swim across any river, and glide over the world under them. There are a lot of hidden treasures across the map you should visit and investigate every corner of the map and Strange mechanism. Who knows what sort of material and power can you discover on the way of your investigation? Keep wandering and keep discovering the wonderful beauty of the Teyvat.


This game is based on seven elemental systems. And every player should Harness the seven elements to unleash elemental reactions. Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro, and Geo use all of these elements to your advantage while fighting a boss or any other evil. You can create a lot of combinations of skills and interact in different ways, like using the power of hydro to wet your enemy and then unleashing the power of electro to deal some extra damage. It all depends upon the mastery of your elements that will give you the upper hand in battle and exploration.



Genshin Impact is full of stunning art style beautifully tuned character. Give pleasure to your eyes by looking at the world around you, with real-time rendering and animations delivering you the best immersive visual experience. All the weather system changes naturally. Even the lighting and other visuals change over time, bringing every detail of this world to life. All the creeps and bosses give a real-time animation feeling; some can easily deceive it for an animation movie.



The soundtrack of any game is a crucial part of the gameplay; it keeps the player engaged with the game and the environment around him. The London Philharmonic Orchestra performs the soundtracks of this game. It stays dynamic while exploring the world and gives a soothing experience to the ears and mind. This music keeps players from getting bored. There are seven albums, 311 tracks, and 16 discs in the Genshin Impact. It is all possible because of the In-House team of miHoYo.


You can create your dream team with a diverse cast of characters in Teyvat, but you should know that each character has unique personalities, abilities, and stories before creating a team. Find out your favorite combination and level up your characters to help you to win over even the most enemies and bosses. Team making is indeed a difficult task; let me share a strategy; in the beginning, you can鈥檛 differentiate between the characters because each character has almost the same damage except Pirate Queen. You can start with Beidou, Xingqiu, Fischl, and Sucrose.

Availability of CO-OP

You can only unlock Co-Op once you reach level 16. It takes almost 3-4 hours to reach this level. You can also add random friends to the game before joining a co-op. After joining the co-op, you can complete tasks related to the co-op and receive some good rewards. You should play together with buddies across different platforms to spark more elemental action, tackle tough boss fights, and beat challenging domains together to earn rich rewards.


After reading all about Genshin Impact, you must have known that this game is not just a game but a story full of emotions and heartbreaks. Each character has a unique story, adding extra twists to the gameplay. Please let us know about your emotions by leaving a comment in the comment section. Let us know how you feel about the game itself and all its characters. If you like the game, you can download this game from Google Play or our website Apksmile.


Why can鈥檛 I join my friend in Genshin Impact?

You can only join your friend if the level of your world meat the level of your friend. And also, if your level is higher than your friend you can join their world but they can鈥檛.

Is Genshin Impact being playable with friends?

Once the UID number exchanges with friends, they are automatically added to the game. You can play with each other and join each other worlds. However, there is some restriction.

You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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