Royal Pass M8: Bounty Legends PUBG Mobile

by admin, Friday, 18 February 2022 (3 months ago)

Royal Pass M8 Bounty Legends

Introduction to Royal Pass M8: Bounty Legends:

Royal Pass M8: Bounty Legends is released on Feb 18, 2022, on the day of Friday. PUBG Mobile has been introducing its season system and royal pass from season 2. And in seasons PUBG Mobile awards its player a certain number of rewards after completing missions. And every player loves rewards and wants a collection of skins and other rewards in their inventory. The rewards vary from different skins (Gun skins, player skins, suit skins, and many more) to emotes. Emotes are loved by all players in the game because they are funny and entertaining.

Journey of Royal pass from Season to Cycle Seasons:

From Season 2 till 19 seasons the PUBG Mobile has the same duration for both season and Royal Pass. And after season 19 PUBG Mobile has named its season system as season Cycle. Initially, the duration of a royal pass was 2 months and a total of 100 Rp points, and later after the season cycle system, it was reduced to 1 month and 50 points only. Now the 8 months have passed and we are watching Royal Pass M8: Bounty Legends in the game.

Journey of Royal pass

Missions in Royal Pass M8: Bounty Legends:

The mission system has also been upgraded from M7. In the new mission system, the player is given a lot of missions in a single week to complete. There are a few missions that are specific for a single week and will freeze if remain uncompleted. The number of missions has also been increased and the player can easily reach 50 Rp in 3 weeks.

Missions in Royal Pass M8

Rewards in Royal Pass M8: Bounty Legends:

There are 50 tiers of rewards in this royal pass and the fun does not end here. And there are many other rewards to collect in PUBG Mobile. There is a total of 13 legendary rewards in this royal pass, in which 8 legendary rewards are present in the royal pass while others are in royal pass adventure. In this game, there is a total of 3 mythic rewards in the royal pass in which 2 are mythic skins and 1 is a mythic emote. All the rewards are very beautiful and entertaining.

Rewards in Royal Pass M8

Rewards from Previous Royal Pass:

The PUBG Mobile has been practicing this for a few seasons that they revise the rewards from previous Royal passes. And the players can receive that rewards by opening crates with UC or Rp points. And in this season the players can get a few rewards from season 6, season 11, and season 15 royal passes. Because of this, the new players can enjoy the rewards from previous royal passes.

Rewards from Previous Royal Pass


The rewards system of the PUBG Mobile is one of the best rewarding systems available in the other games. In this game we get those of our UC that we spent on purchasing Royal Pass, isn’t it cool? Because in other games when we purchase a pass, we purchase it with real money and we must purchase it again with money. You should check out Royal Pass M8: Bounty Legends and all its rewards. Kindly leave a comment about this article if you find this article helpful.

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