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Admin, Saturday, January 15, 2022
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Subway Surfers tracks are shining with gold, but it will take plenty of guts and a faster pace for you to grab it for yourself. In Subway Surfers, it鈥檚 up to your character Jake and his running band of buddies to get down to the tracks, get away from that crabby policeman and grab the gold without being spanked by a subway car or hurdles. Keep sprinting on the trails, and don鈥檛 stop because If you smack a little, he鈥檚 going to grab you upside down; as you race the subway, you will dash left and right across three lanes to save yourself from obstacles.

Your biggest unease is the subway cars that are striking right towards you! You鈥檙e running against the vehicles. Don鈥檛 think that the whole subway would stop so that you could collect some gold! Speaking of gold, you鈥檙e not down there to have fun risking yourself of being caught. You鈥檙e there to collect as many gold coins as you can.

As one of the most downloaded games on the internet, Subway Surfers is enjoyed by people worldwide. Now, you can keep enjoying across the pavement from the comfort of your bed. First-time surfer? Not a big deal; I鈥檓 here to guide you through all of its tactics.

What is Subway Surfer?

Indeed, there鈥檚 a lot more to know about Subway Surfers than just running down the same track and collecting coins. This game has a lot of downloads, and there is a community of surfers! Thousands of surfers participate in surfing every month, so to keep things special, there are special characters, promos, and our favorite, World Tour. What鈥檚 the World Tour? Each month, the Subway Surfers crew move themselves to another location worldwide.

Among the variety of tour stops, there鈥檚 a character unique to that area who can give you a tour of that location. There is a renewal of the subway cars, obstacles, and scenery around you. This update allows the game community a chance to keep things iconic and show their surfing skills. You won鈥檛 be able to get going, though, if you don鈥檛 master a few skills first. Isn鈥檛 it Awesome? Let鈥檚 take a look at it.

subway surfer

Guide to Subway Surfer

Sure, you鈥檙e youthful, quick and full of nerve, but that doesn鈥檛 mean you will keep going and won鈥檛 strike the back of a subway train like the rest of us! If you鈥檙e going to collect more than just a few coins with each run, you should know what you鈥檙e up against first. So, let鈥檚 talk about the obstacles. We鈥檒l start from the ground first. You will see striped construction signs! They鈥檙e more athletic than they look. You can jump over or roll under. But, a quick swipe to the side will also do the trick. The next ones are shrubs and bushes. You can鈥檛 move under these firmly planted obstacles; instead, you have to jump! The same applies to high ledges and bridges, which you鈥檒l need to jump onto.

Last but not least are the trains. Some of the subway trains are coming right at you, and some of them are still. Only surfboard collision will give you another chance to surf.



What if there is a way that you could run without running? Sounds cool, huh? In Subway Surfers, you can float on the tracks on a lovely hoverboard. But you鈥檒l still be able to jump, duck, dash from side to side, and grab coins. But now, you鈥檒l have extra safety. If you smash into an obstacle, you鈥檒l survive indeed! But your hoverboard won鈥檛, but hey, at least you鈥檙e still running. Isn鈥檛 it super fun?



Suppose you think that you are jumping at your highest. Look for the pair of shoes, and get them. Just wait until you lace these Super Sneakers on and start jumping over entire subway cars and hurdles. Get ready for your jumps to be more than twice as high! Because it is very handy in Subway Surfers, it can save you from a lot of hurdles. After all, you might get trapped into a corner with no way out but straight up.


I hope you enjoyed your super bouncy sneakers or fancy hoverboards, but if a high score is your target, then there鈥檚 no other thing as better as the score multiplier. Find this star spinning around while you鈥檙e on sprint and grab it to double your score instantly. Now keep combining it with other multipliers to score way faster and break all kinds of records. The list of items goes on and on, from paint-powered Jetpacks to magnets [for collecting more coins] and more. I don鈥檛 want to give too much exclusive to spoil your fun, so you鈥檒l have to discover the rest yourself while playing the game. Speaking of the shop, let me tell you about it.

High scoor


Those golden shining coins and chests full of loot won鈥檛 help if you don鈥檛 have the gut to spend it; how to spend it? When you鈥檙e ready to take a short break from sprinting, dashing, dodging, and breaking records to spend your hard-earned coins, keys, and pieces, then you should tap on the shop. Let鈥檚 see what鈥檚 inside, shall we?



You鈥檝e got the starting hero Jake, Tricky, Yutani, and many others in the early stage. Special characters are usually not easy to collect, but they require a fistful of coins, so make sure you鈥檝e been saving up for your future stock! Whether it鈥檚 coins or keys, you鈥檒l have to make plenty of solid and breathtaking runs to get them all.


I know you鈥檙e not going to limit yourself to only buying characters from the shop; wait until I make your way to the hoverboards! Check out dozens of designs and pick out your favorite one. Then try it out on the track full of coins and earn some extra loot for your next board if you want to gain an edge! Look for hoverboards with a performance booster! Some of them have high speed or long jump heights. You can create a huge variety of collections or stick to a couple of your favorites and keep upgrading them. The choice is yours.


Let鈥檚 finish this topic with the information that the subway surfer game is designed so that various people can play it, from child to teenager and up to an adult. The update of every month and tour of different locations around the globe is just awesome. The charming track and beautiful scenery in the game are much more comforting.

You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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